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Pair the perfect wine with our delicious pizza.

Wine is the perfect guest at any pizza party. People love to drink wine with their pizza. It doesn’t matter the pizza type or the toppings, there are wines to pair with all of it. 

Pizza and wine go together like chocolate and peanut butter. On their own, they are lovely, but pair them up and they are divine.

Our unique wine tap system

Something unique about COHO Pizza & Wine Bar that sets us apart from other wines bars is a distinctive feature that most wine bars do not have; a wine tap system. Many aren’t familiar with this very useful tool, as it is not something that is common practice in most restaurants. However, it is becoming more widely accepted as we learn about its numerous benefits, such as taste quality, sustainability, and efficiency.


When it comes to wine, fresher is always better. Typically, in bottling, a portion of bottles can become oxidized, or better known as “corked.” In fact, one in every twelve bottles typically becomes corked, which gives the wine a musty taste, reminiscent of wet cardboard. This issue is eliminated with the use of a wine tap system, as wine taps do not have corks which keeps wine tasting as fresh as possible. Another limitation with bottling is that wine in bottle is overly sensitive to light, vibration, and temperature. (Maybe add something here about what light, vibration and temperature changes can do to wine). When enjoying wine from a tap system , you don’t need to worry about wine not tasting fresh or being tainted due to changes in light, vibration and temperature because wines are temperature controlled and protected from light.r. Therefore, wines will remain fresh tasting until the last glass is poured. Numerous high-end producers are starting to utilize wine tap systems to guarantee quality and freshness long term and that is something that we’re also hoping to accomplish at COHO Pizza & Wine Bar.


Wine tap systems are environmentally friendly in several ways. One tap system holds 26 bottles of wine. When you consider all of the packaging from labels, foils, and boxes in shipping for 26 bottles of wine, it’s a lot of unnecessary waste. Tap systems eliminate all of that added waste that comes along with the bottling process. These systems are also re-useable, which further promotes sustainability. In fact, the carbon footprint is 96% less when using a wine tap system instead of bottles.

Time Saver and Efficiency

It’s no secret that restaurants can get very busy and the last thing any restaurant wants is a long wait time for drinks. Wine tap systems are effective for staff to use when there is a high volume of customers in the venue (because they are fast and easy to use?). This translates to a first-class customer experience, making sure customers get a glass of vino in a timely fashion. It is also a significant time saver for the staff, as it eliminates the need to stock, store and discard bottles. Having those tasks out of the way frees up time for the staff to focus on other tasks.

Meet our Wine and Beverage Director

Meet Courtney Dolan. She is very excited to be part of the opening team at COHO Pizza & Wine Bar and has used her experience to create a hybrid wine
and beverage list. We hope to find that balance that blends the Finger Lakes and the rest of the world, with an Italian twist. The inspiration in creating the menus was the scenic waterfront of Canandaigua Lake with the lifestyle influence from being on the water. The ultimate goal is to provide refreshing wine, spirit and craft beer options that showcase the best from around the world and focusing on what is right in our backyard.​

Courtney grew up in the Finger Lakes and has been studying wines in the region for years. Most recently, she was the Tasting Room Manager at Heron Hill Winery on Canandaigua Lake, assisted in opening Irish Mafia Brewing Company and taught at New York Kitchen before joining the team at COHO. Courtney has studied wine globally with the Court of Master Sommelier and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. One of her favorite places that she visited was Peru. In
addition to her role at COHO, she is also an educator for the TIPs program, where she teaches
others how to properly serve alcoholic beverages. Courtney developed a love for hospitality
years ago when she lived in Buffalo and attended Niagara University, receiving a degree in
Hospitality and Tourism. In her free time, she likes to be near water, whether Canandaigua Lake
or the Caribbean, as well as traveling and explore new places.